• Oil And Gas
  • Healthcare/ Medical / Hospital / Homecare
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping / Marine
  • Construction / Engineering
  • Facility Management
  • Power And Utility / Energy
  • FMCG / Foods / Beverage
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Nurse
  • Inspection
  • Medical / Healthcare / Bio-Tech
  • Doctor
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Recruitment Process

We understand that every Organization is different with their unique Hiring process. This is why we built multiple channels of sourcing candidates from multiple technical teams, which reduces Clients time to fill and find the right match for all Job Openings.

We recognize exactly what is necessary to make your business thrive – and we work to fill your organization with the people who will make that happen. We help organizations address key business needs and identify the world – class talent needed to execute on their strategy. We integrate scientific research with our practical experience and industry-specific expertise to recruit professionals workers of all levels and functions for our clients.

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Industry We Serve

  • Survey and Data Acquisition
  • Drilling Projects and Operation Supports
  • Pipelines
  • GGS Projects
  • CGS Projects
  • GCS Projects
  • Remote Storage Projects
  • Production Facilities
  • Refinery Projects
  • Refinery Maintenance
  • Refinery Turnaround and Inspection
  • Bulk Storage and Product Distribution
  • Plant Operations and Support Services
  • Wind Power Construction and Maintenance
  • Solar Power Production, Projects and Maintenance
  • Waste to Energy Projects
  • Exploration
  • Production
  • Refining and Separation

  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Spares
  • Operation Crew
  • Maintenance
  • Ground Handling and Logistics
  • Aquaponics
  • Hydroponics
  •  Horticulture
  • Organic Fertilizers & Pesticides
  • Housing Construction, Maintenance and Refurbishment
  • Concrete Production
  • Furnishing, MEP & HVAC
  • Bulk Production Plants
  • Batching Plant
  • Concrete Production Units
  • Roads & Bridges
  • Dams and Water Networks
  • Air Ports
  • Sea Ports
  • Teaching
  • Administrative
  • Professional Training
  • Industrial Training
  • Bulk Chemical Production
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Plant Turnaround Projects
  • Material Handling and Logistics
  • Material Research and Innovation
  • Construction of Plants
  • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Research Laboratory
  • Retail and Bulk Sales.
  • Operations
  • Vessel Repair, Maintenance, Inspection and Dry Docking.
  • Construction of Bulk Storage and Cold Storage
  • Bulk Distribution
  • Cold Storage and Warehousing
  • Packing & Preservation
  • Industrial Painting
  • Decorative Painting
  • Fire Proofing
  • Surface Engineering
  • Insulation and Refractory
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Production
  • Operation and Processing
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics Engineering
  • Water Treatment
  • Desalination
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Water Network Projects
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Waste to Energy Projects
  • Zero Waste Management Projects
  • nvironmental Services & Monitoring
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Services
  • Automation and Trouble Shooting
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Tower Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Optical Network
  • Sales and Services of Hardware and Instruments
  • Hotel Operations, Management & Refurbishment
  • Resorts
Arjun Mukherjee Instrument Engineer

The whole process was done smoothly with no impediments and the staff was amazingly cooperative. Recommend Aryaa International to all the job seekers.

Vishek Chawla Manager

Currently I am working in 5 star hotel in Abu dhabi. This opportunity has been provided by Aryaa International. It had been a great experience. Thank you Aryaa

Abhimanyu Tiwari Project Manager

They cooperated beautifully with me until I boarded my flight. I got very quick response from their side. They provided me with amazing opportunities.

Rahul Mishra HVAC Engineer

I got selected for the position of HVAC Engineer for Bahrain. Outstanding service, polite staff, smooth process. In all very contented with the service they provided.

Avish Anand Sr. Manager

My experience with this agency is very good. I suggest even other people to contact this agency Aryaa International to get genuine placement.

Aftab Alam Chemical Engineer

Totally based on online recruitment that save time for those people who is living outside Mumbai...Staff are so kind co-operative and professional. Thank you Aryaa

Mahtab Mallick Supervisor

After 2 months of extreme search, finally I got this office and My visa processing was done very fast. The staff is also noble and kind. I would Highly recommend this office.

Suhail Abdul Rashid HSE Officer

Well managed and Professional staff to look after and cater to all your needs related to career guidance and placements. Highly recommended. Thank You Aryaa

Shahbaz Khan Planning Engineer

Best Service Aryaa. I am selected for ICS Oman company as Planning Engineer. The service provide by Aryaa International was good. Great experience. Thank you.

Vishal Khalasi Mechanical Rotating Technician

Aryaa International is best overseas placement consultancy I'm going oman As Mechanical Rotating Technician. Thank you Aryaa International.

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